When feeling lonely and unhappy veers into depression: challenges of these pandemic holidays


Basic tips to help get through these hard ‘Stay at Home’ times.

If you're just looking for some basic tips or suggestions for getting through the next few weeks, Gratzer offers the following:

  • Learn: "We're designed to learn. It's intellectually stimulating so you don't have to learn Japanese tonight. But some type of learning to incorporate into your day can be useful."
  • Give: "Obviously, charitable acts are very different right now, but even helping an elderly neighbour doing some shopping is very rewarding for them. But it's also very rewarding for you."
  • Exercise: "There are very few things that are as evidenced as exercise for not only treating major mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, but preventing it in the first place."

And, finally, try to reach out to others, Gratzer said. "It's important for us to maintain our connection with people, and it's important for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle in, frankly, pretty stressful times

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