Activity #7 – A very short story


Acknowledgements: Adapted and used by permission from an article by Dr. Laura Markham.

The idea for this activity is fairly old and also is found in several cultures including the Japanese Haiku.
Recently the Winnipeg Free Press asked people to take part in The Six-word Challenge.
The idea is to convey a story, about an event using just 6 words. For Winnipeg the challenge was to write about the COVID-19 pandemic.
For example:
Some are philosophical

  • Not a criminal, but running masked. — S. Kleinman
  • Avoiding death, but certainly not living. — S. Reimann
  • Virtually working, virtually meeting, virtually alone. — C. Brown

Some are inspirational

  • Quiet. Thought. Meaning. Time. Beauty. Wonderment. — A. Powell
  • We rise. We are never defeated. — K. Cain

Some are full of sorrow and despair

  • For sale, Baby shoes, Never worn. – E. Hemingway

So, our invite to you is to pen your own small story about the big event that is or has dominated your life. Send us your six words and we’ll make a collage and share them with our community.

For those who want or need a few more words – go ahead put it in our challenge.

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