Living and saving on a budget

Calculate your base take-home pay – Take-home pay is the amount of money you earn and can cash in the bank on a regular basis. Whether it is a regular small job with no paycheck or a paycheck from a company. If your not sure look back at the last few months and if you are likely to have the same income the next few months that is a good place to start.

P.E.I. woman told to repay $18,500 in CERB by year’s end

CERB repayment

There is a lot of confusion over whether you were really eligible and if Canada Revenue believes you were not eligible then you are asked to pay it back. The reason for this is that in order to qualify for CERB as a small business you had to among other things make more than $5,000 in Profit in 2019. This was not clear on most of the bulletins about CERB.

CERB substitutes