Somali Heritage Week

We were honoured to host and organize Manitoba Somali Heritage Week Celebrations on July 1st. The celebration was held as a recognition of the Somali community to our rich and diverse Canadian community.



The history and legacy of the Somali people.



Different people coming together as one.



Celebrating multiculturalism and diversity.

Program Overview

On December 3, 2020, the Somali Heritage Week Act was passed with unanimous support in the Manitoba legislature.

This act recognizes June 25 to July 1 as Somali Heritage Week, which celebrates the many social, economic and cultural contributions of Somali peoples in Manitoba. The act commemorates several dates of special significance to the Somali community — including Somalia’s Independence Day, which is July 1.

Manitobans were invited to participate in this celebration of multiculturalism and diversity and participate in this rich experience. The support of both the opposition party and the governing party was appreciated. The official virtual celebration included art exhibitions, cultural dances and performances, intergenerational storytelling, poetry, and remarks from elected officials and community leaders.