Newcomer Community Mobilization Initiative

NCMI supports at-risk immigrants in Winnipeg, regardless of residency or location.

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BCFC is grateful to the Aurora Family Therapy Centre for funding the project, and to our partners, the Kurdish Initiative For Refugees & Rahma Community and Youth Centre.

Brief Description of the Initiative

This initiative will Identify and support newcomer and immigrant individuals with complex needs involved with multiple systems and/or involved with Justice/Law enforcement, or at-risk of becoming Justice involved or are unable to access services in Winnipeg. In this initiative, newcomers and immigrants are not tied to permanent residence status or their years of residence. Unlike the Thunderwing initiative, this project is also not tied to a specific geographical location.

The Vision of the program is a safe and thriving newcomer community with engaged youth and families who are well integrated and positively contributing.

The Purpose of this initiative is to:

  • Create innovative solutions to intersectional community safety and well-being challenges.
  • To Work together collaboratively rather than duplicating services or working as silos.
  • To adopt a Community Mobilization Approach, creating a more streamlined and integrated support system.

The Mission of this initiative is to:

  • Ensure that participants are moving towards their goals, by reducing barriers and increasing communication and collaboration among different systems.
  • Ensure participants are no longer engaged in activities, which are a detriment to both themselves and the community at large.
  • To reduce crime and incarceration rates for newcomer youth.
  • To connect youth to relevant social services in a timely manner.
  • Make full use of community resources to address the underlying causes of crime.
  • Engage youth and their families help them better navigate and connect with support services in their communities.
  • Build the capacity of our youth participants to divert them from crime.
  • Prevent recidivism and to help those in conflict with the law make positive choices and find a healthy path in life.

What is the model of the Initiative?

  • Follows a collaboration model of service delivery that centers on enhancing individual/family well-being and safety by engaging, working together, and building relationships.
  • The Model guides the Support Team to fully collaborate with each other and the individual/family while unlocking and mobilizing existing agency resources, tools, and practices.

Who is a Newcomer?

  • Is an immigrant or refugee who is adapting to life in Canada.
  • Being a newcomer isn't defined by a specific time.
  • Goes beyond IRCC definition of newcomers which is based on citizenship.

What issues the initiative can assist with?

  • Poor school attendance or academic achievement.
  • Involvement with law enforcement or the justice system.
  • Victimization/bullying.
  • Mental or physical health concerns.
  • Unstable or unsafe housing or living conditions.
  • Safety planning and many others.

Who is eligible to participate in the initiative?

  • Newcomer individuals with complex needs involved with multiple agencies.
  • Isolated or not connected to any services and could benefit from some support.
  • Systemic barriers prevent the newcomer individual or family from achieving success.
  • Address systemic issues strongly related to community safety and well-being.
  • Have escalating safety concerns: if nothing changes soon someone might get hurt, might get apprehended or become homeless.
  • Immigrants and refugees who live in Winnipeg and preferably downtown/ inner city areas.

What is the Newcomer Initiative Hub?

  • The newcomer hub is the formal multi-sectoral committee of the newcomer mobilization Initiative that consists of 10+ representatives from various collaborative partner agencies.
  • The Hub meets once to twice a month for 2-3 hours.

The newcomer hub is responsible for:

  • System mobilization discussion.
  • Service delivery mobilization.
  • System barrier discussion.
  • Resource discussion.

Who are the Newcomer Initiative Hub Members?

  • Manitoba Justice.
  • Winnipeg Police Service (WPS).
  • General Child and Family Services Authority (GA).
  • Employment, and Income Assistance (EIA).
  • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.
  • Winnipeg School Division.
  • Child & Youth Services, Department of Families.
  • City of Winnipeg.
  • Manitoba Housing.
  • Probation Service.
  • Victim Service.
  • Aurora Family Therapy.
  • Ethno-Cultural Council of Manitoba (ECCM)

How to Refer Clients to the Newcomer Initiative?

  • Referrals can be sent to the email address on the application form once it is completed.
  • The email address on the form is:
  • It is advisable for referral agencies or individuals to send us encrypted or password-protected electronic documents.
  • Self referrals are accepted.
  • Referrals can also be mailed out to our mailing address below:

Bilal Community and Family Centre
Newcomer Community Mobilization Initiative (NCMI)
33 Warnock St,
Winnipeg, MB R3E 3L6

The SCREEN program improves relationships between law enforcement and the immigrants, Newcomer, Minority, and Muslim communities by providing opportunities for positive interaction.